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Love of Dance

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There are many who say that a life without ballet would be pointe-less. All humor aside, ballet dancing is a great art form with numerous health benefits. Ballet dancing improves posture, builds muscle and agility, and improves flexibility. But it doesn’t matter whether your love of dance is as a participant or a balletomane (an ardent admirer of the ballet). This classical art form offers people the world over a reason to celebrate. For many, their 100:100 lifestyle, living at 100% for 100 years or more, would not be complete without the ballet.

A 104-year-old Bristol dance school owner and teacher who has dedicated the last 70 years of her life to passing on her love for dance to Bristolian youngsters has been recognised with a British Empire Medal on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2022.  To find out how Grace Angela Redgrave danced her way through the pandemic, keep reading.

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