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The 100 Year Lifestyle

Enjoy these 100 Year Lifestyle chiropractic posts courtesy of Webb Chiropractic in Fort Myers FL 33901.

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Essentials

  • Take A Breath
    on April 14, 2024

        Our breath is an essential part of life that we often take for granted. It is a process that allows us to bring oxygen into our bodies and release carbon dioxide. Proper breathing is essential for survival and plays a vital role in maintaining our health and managing stress. It really is the The post […]

  • The Power That Heals The Body
    on February 11, 2024

        Do you understand the power that heals the body? Almost everyone has an inner knowledge that mental and emotional “stresses” can cause illness in the body. However, the question has always been how and why? To understand the inner workings behind stress-induced symptoms, we need to understand and […]

  • A Prescription Drug Solution
    on January 28, 2024

          The high cost of prescription drug is often in the news and a major issue on many levels. Therefore, individuals, families, communities, and politicians are searching for answers as the cost of drugs and health care skyrocket and people keep getting sicker. Thus, a prescription drugs solution is […]

  • Lowering Cholesterol Confusion
    on January 21, 2024

        There is a lot of cholesterol confusion right now. For years, the media has pointed fingers at high cholesterol for being the main cause of heart disease. This has created an era of low fat, low cholesterol diets. These diets have allowed the processed carbohydrate and sugar industries to boom. […]

  • The Fine Print
    on January 8, 2024

        The trust Americans have in our government’s handling of our health care has long been a topic of conversation. It was before COVID, during, and has been ever since. But are we having the right conversation? Is the issue really about trust? Or is it actually about our, the public’s, lack of […]

100 Year Healthy Recipes

  • Heating Up

        Hot sauce has become a popular condiment around the world, adding heat and […]

  • Poached Chicken à la You

        We all get in cooking ruts. Often, it’s not just a new recipe that you need […]

  • Healthy Citrus & Avocado Salad

    Creative and flavorful collide in this dish! While it’s not your typical salad, […]

  • Vegetable and Chicken Quinoa Bowl

      Bowls are all the rage. But a tasty bowl requires a unique combination of foods […]

  • Slow Cooker Beef & Vegetable Chili

      Sometimes it’s nice to walk into your house at the end of the day and know that […]

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